Brad Baldridge, Certified Financial Planner® and College Planning Specialist

Let's Make Your Child's College Dreams Come True.

Don't stress over how to plan and pay for college. I'll show you how to find the right school for your goals and budget, minimize your costs, and get your student on the path to a bright future.

I Will Help You ...

  • Take the stress and uncertainty out of college planning
  • Develop a full college financial plan for your family
  • Find the colleges that are the right fit
  • ​Increase your chances of admission
  • ​Reduce and minimize your costs
  • ​Maximize your financial aid eligibility
  • ​Avoid or minimize student loans
  • ​Put your child on the path to a bright future

Hire Me to Help Build Your College Plan.

With my complete college planning services, I’ll work closely with you to develop the right plan for your family. I’ll provide the expert guidance and recommendations to help you navigate the college process, save money, and realize your child’s dreams.
Each plan is customized according to your unique needs, goals and preferences. Depending on your needs and situation, your plan may include some or all of the following topics:

Paying for College

  • Learn the best ways to save and pay for college.
  • Get expert guidance on 529 plans, cash flow planning, tax savings and more.

Finding the Right School

  • I'll help you find the right college to fit your goals and budget.
  • I'll show you how to conduct your search, build your list, and visit and evaluate schools.

Choosing a Career

  • Learn creative ways to explore your different career options.
  • Find out what to do when your student is undecided.


  • Learn how to increase your chances of admission.
  • Get tips to help you understand and navigate the admissions process.

Financial Aid

  • Learn how to maximize your financial aid eligibility and college affordability.
  • Learn how to pay for college without need-based aid, even at private schools.


  • Find out if scholarships are a good fit for your student.
  • Learn which options to pursue and how to increase your chances of winning free money.

Student Loans

  • Discover the best student loan options for your family.
  • Learn how to avoid student loans or borrow at the best rates and terms.

College and Retirement

  • Learn how to save for college and your retirement.
  • Find out how to pay for college without emptying your retirement account.

Test Planning

  • Develop the right ACT/SAT testing plan for your student.
  • Learn about the best available test prep plus test-optional pathways.

Athletic Recruiting

  • Find out how to position your student-athlete to get recruited.
  • Learn how to maximize athletic scholarship offers and financial aid.

Tax Planning

  • I'll show you how to help pay for college with lucrative tax savings.
  • I'll help you determine if you're eligible and how to maximize your results.

Much More

  • We'll cover anything that's relevant and important to you.
  • Topics can include divorce, business ownership, the GI Bill, special needs students, and much more.

How It Works

  • Your College Funding Plan includes all consultation, meetings and ongoing support to help you develop and execute the right plan for your family.
  • I’ll coach you through the entire process, from academics and admissions to financial aid and paying for college.
  • There is no limit to the number of meetings we hold, but we’ll hold at least 3 meetings per year during your student’s high school years. The rest is up to you.
  • ​Meetings typically occur via Zoom or telephone, but if you’re a local client, we can meet at my office.

Typical Plan Schedule

Kickoff and First Six Weeks

  • 1-2 meetings to gather information and start creating your college plan, plus 1-2 follow-up meeting to execute immediate strategies you can implement right away.
  • We’ll cover every area relevant to your student and family situation.

Summer after Junior Year

  • 1-2 meetings to recommend and implement admissions strategies

Jan/Feb Senior Year

  • 1 meeting to finalize financial aid applications

Spring Senior Year

  • 1-2 meetings to compare financial offers from various schools and provide negotiation strategies. We’ll update your plan based on your student’s preferred choice of school.

Summer after Senior Year

  • 1 meeting to finalize various strategies and offers, and help you make your final college decision.

Choose the Plan That's Right for You

Choose from one of three plans depending on your family's needs. The cost depends on the complexity of your needs and covers all meetings, consultation and support, with no limit to the help you receive during your plan period.

Full Plan

The typical plan for most families, with complete coaching and planning for standard needs.
Ideal for basic situations such as:   
  • 1 college-bound student
  • Short list of schools
  • ​State/local colleges
  • ​Basic planning needs


Advanced Plan

Specialized planning for families with more complex financial situations and needs.
Ideal for complex cases such as:  
  • Multiple students
  • Longer list of schools
  • ​Out-of-state colleges
  • ​Elite students
  • ​Elite schools
  • ​Business-owner parents
  • ​Real-estate-investor parents
  • ​Families with inheritance
  • ​Student-athletes 


My Guarantee To You

I’m committed to providing the best expert advice and highest quality service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with my work, I’ll promptly address any issues. If you’re still not satisfied, you can request a full refund.

Three Ways You'll Benefit

1. You'll Save Money.

Learn my proven and proprietary strategies that could potentially save you thousands of dollars per student on your college costs.

2. You'll Save Time.

I'll help you simplify the college process with a complete step-by-step plan for your family.

3. You'll Save Stress.

I'll help you find the right school, maximize financial aid, and pay for college even if you don't qualify for need-based aid.

Why Families Hire Me

Planning and paying for college is daunting for many families. You want to help your children pay for college and get into the right school, but it can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start or the next steps to take.

It’s no different than facing another massive project in your life, like renovating your home, moving across country, or being a long-term caregiver. Sometimes you don’t know where to begin and just wish you could have someone help you manage it.

Thankfully, you can. I’m here to help you plan for college and save money in the process, just as I’ve been doing for families like yours since 1998.

During my 20+ years as a Certified Financial Planner® and College Planning Specialist, I’ve learned knowledge and proven techniques that can save you months and years of stress. And I can potentially save you as much as thousands of dollars per student on your college costs.

Don’t stress over college planning on your own.

Schedule a free 30-minute online meeting with me to start building your plan.

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